Students: FAQs

Common Questions and Answers

Who applies for the scholarship?

Challenge Foundation students are hardworking, intelligent, and motivated to learn. Their goal is to graduate from one of the best schools in the state and go to college! They have a positive attitude and treat themselves and others with respect.

This scholarship is offered to terrific students whose families cannot afford to pay for such a program on their own.

How are parents involved?

We feel that a parental support and encouragement are critical to a child’s success. We seek families who are very excited about this opportunity for their child or children, and who place education as their top priority.

Is transportation provided?

The Challenge Foundation provides transportation for our scholars in Denver who attend St. Mary’s Academy and St. Anne’s Episcopal. We provide a limited number of stops along this route where families may meet the van. Your child may ride this van to and from school during 6th, 7th, and 8th grade. If you are not able to get your child to one of our van stops, we will talk with you about the possibility of carpooling with other families. In high school, carpooling or public transportation will be used.

For our other partner schools in Denver, Colorado Academy and Kent Denver, school busses transport kids to and from school from various stops around town.

We do not currently provide transportation for students in our El Paso or Phoenix programs.

Are meals provided?

Breakfast, lunch, and snacks will be provided during summer program. For the school year, at each of our schools, students either bring a sack lunch, purchase lunch, or have lunch provided by the school as part of the school program. Please see our partner schools’ websites for more information about specific programs at each school.

Are parents asked to pay any money?

Our summer program is free for your student. For the school year, The Challenge Foundation and your school will pay the majority of your tuition. Each family will be asked to contribute a small portion toward tuition each year. This amount will be determined based on your income and should not be a hardship on your family. There may be some other minor costs throughout the school year, similar to costs in public school.